Ice Machine Leasing

Every commercial kitchen or bar needs ice, and leasing an ice machine is the most convenient and cost-effective way to meet this need. That's why Hilton's Restaurant Supply is proud to be one of the few companies in the area that leases ice machines. For your convenience, we offer a variety of Manitowoc ice makers (a leading national brand) with capacities ranging from 300 lbs. per day to 8000 lbs. per day.

Because ice machines usually require more service than any other piece of equipment in your kitchen or bar, leasing a machine makes great sense. Hilton's will provide all of the service and maintenance needed, including replacement of water filters and de-scaling (cleaning the "scale" or impurities that build up inside of the machine regularly).

Your monthly lease payment covers all service to the machine, saving you the cost of maintenance and repair bills. And because Hilton's holds our own lease contracts, you deal directly with us, which means you always get prompt, personalized customer service!

For more details, pricing or further information about ice machine leasing, please contact us.